Be in the Boat

Sometimes you need a place to reset, find your ground again and feel safe.  Sometimes you just need to protect yourself from what’s going on around you.  And sometimes you just need to escape. Whatever the need for retreat is,  going to a magickal place is a great way deal with stressful situations.  For me it’s my boat.  When things are spiraling around me I just remind myself to “Be in the Boat”.  Works like a charm.  But, how I found my boat is a really great story.  Empowering.  Here goes…

I had a dream a few nights ago. I was on a beach, the water was a little choppy, but crystal
blue green with little white caps.  I was going to go swimming.  Next image: I’m in the middle of the ocean completely and utterly alone.  Not a bird, fish, whale, ship or boat to be seen.  No land in site.  Nothing.  Absolutely.  I freaked.  Hyperventilating in the dream I thought for sure that a shark would eat me or I’d just slowly sink to wherever the bottom was.  This was fear personified for me.

So scary.

Somehow my inner voice got ahold of my runaway fear and said “Wait a minute”.  In my

dream I started reasoning (ignoring the fact that this was a dream and that real rules don’t apply… I bent them for just this moment). So I started thinking,  I got here somehow, so there must be a piece of wood floating around, a lifeboat, a zodiac, something!  Instantly a board appears.


I grab on.  I’m still afraid of sharks eating my legs so I think I really want to be in a boat and …wait for it… a small lifeboat appears.  Nice.  Now I’m feeling a bit empowered and decide to have some fun.  I’m thinking it would be really cool to be in a boat like the Polynesians used to get to Easter Island (I have always wanted a Thor Heyerdahl like experience) but my boat has jewels on the outside (who knows why) and on the inside is all white like the stucco.

The sun is now shining, I’m loving just lying there and zooming over the ocean.  The boat is floating just above the surface like a hovercraft.  This is cool.  Then I start to think again… hmmm… the sun is getting a bit strong and I should be under cover.  Once more, on my command, a canopy appears over me and I’m now in the boat comfortably shaded but able to move out into the sun if I want to.  I’m thinking this just rocks.  How about some people?  The boat opens up with throngs of people milling about on a wide open, flat deck.  Yay!   But if we’re going to party we need something yummy to eat.  Go!  Large trays of pineapple on sticks, shrimp, chicken satays, and other delectables appear.  Everyone is having a lovely time.

And then I woke up.  Well it had to happen some time.  But this was such a resonant experience that I remembered everything and  I keep remembering how delicious everything felt while I was in my boat.  So now not only do I start thinking about “being in my boat” while I’m awake, but I play with the idea of “on command”.  The physical manifestations aren’t the same yet (unfortunately that million dollars didn’t just appear for me) but the sensations are strong and powerful in the ability to transport me right back to that relaxed, grounded, happy place.  Perfect.  Be in the Boat.

How cool is this?  Now when I get in my car in the morning to go to work I just imagine that my car is my boat (thanks for that one Joy!).  Traffic doesn’t bother me, and I seemingly sail to work. Ouch… corny metaphor.  Boring meeting?  Be in the Boat.  Things not going well at work?  Be in the Boat.  Whiny dog?  Be in the Boat.  The beauty of this whole thing is that when I get in the boat, not only does it shift me energetically, but it affects everyone around me and things just get better.

So this was me; my boat.  You may find a different place  that makes you feel all warm inside and glow.  But if you want a boat,  I’ve made you a coloring page that you can download and color.  Hang it in your cubicle at work, on your mirror at home so you see it every morning or on the dash of your car.  Wherever you put it,  every time you think about that picture, you’ll be able to instantly find yourself in that amazing place.

Here’s to Lucid Dreaming.


  1. Harryot Goldstein

    Many of us are in the same boat.It is nice to dream about one<s own boat that doesn't drift,instead it anchors us and thus rids us of our
    Good job
    Enjoyed it.

    • D.B. Treske

      I have many English teachers in my life… but you are the supreme. Thanks H!

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