Goals are good, life is better.

My psyche really kicked my ass last night. Wow. The message was loud and clear, PAY ATTENTION!

It was a dream, very cinematic as usual lately. I’ll extract all of the really weird stuff (my dreams are way off the charts in that category) and give you the gist. I was in a community type of area, a school of the arts. My sole focus was to find something. Something that I thought was so important that I didn’t stop to pay attention to anything along the way. (hmmmmm) There were a myriad cartons with packed away “stuff” that I felt like I needed to go through. I kept searching. Down one corridor and then another.

Without really taking notice (until after waking up… damn!) There were people all along the way saying hello! They knew my name, they smiled and said hello and tried to engage in conversation. I was cordial, said hello back, but stayed ever focused on my search.

Well, I’m sure you can guess that I never found what I was looking for. And, of course, I missed out on all those lovely spirits that I could have engaged with and had a bit of a chat with along the way. I could have had some very fun, elucidating and lovely interactions. But… (I won’t beat the horse).

Of course, like most dreams that follow you after waking, I really started to think. It became much too clear to bear that in all my searching for “something” in my life I have probably passed by so many riches it’s ridiculous. Time to wake up? You betcha. There’s too much out there to keep passing it by. Too many people who have something to share that will enrich my life, too many unexpected joys that will leave me glowing for weeks, too many relationships that will feed my heart and soul.

But what about having those goals? What about achieving something? Yep, I get that. I’m taking the expansive route, goals are good… but I’m tasting every dish life has to offer along the way.

How about you?


  1. Love this….John Neihardt, in Black Elk Speaks says, “Dreams are thruer than waking.”

    • D.B. Treske

      Thanks Cynthia. Yep, dreams tell us so much about how to live our life. Messages from beyond the veil. Good stuff. Thank you for stopping by and commenting! 🙂

  2. You hear this sentiment from enlightened people and it’s the sort of thing that’s deceptively simple yet can feel so far beyond reach, simply that: you have everything right now that you will ever need – look around you.

    • D.B. Treske

      Thanks for weighing in mate… always honored to hear your thoughts.

      It’s true – it does sound deceptively simple. I think that having that small, simple nugget to work from provides an easy way to continually remind ourselves of what to focus on. The familiar “stop and smell the roses” is widely known and serves as a reminder in an easy way.

      I agree that in this busy, information overloaded, techno driven, I want my 15 minutes culture we live in that stepping back can feel beyond reach. If you do it one step at a time though I find it becomes visible and feels obtainable.


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